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The Stories of the Months and Days

By Reginald C. Couzens

[1923, Copyright not renewed]

Title Page
Chapter I. January--The Month of Janus
Chapter II. February--The Month of Purification
Chapter III. March--The Month of Mars
Chapter IV. April--The Month of Venus
Chapter V. May--The Month of Maia
Chapter VI. June--The Month of Juno
Chapter VII. July--The Month of Julius Caesar
Chapter VIII. August--The Month of Augustus
Chapter IX. September--The Seventh Month
Chapter X. October--The Eighth Month
Chapter XI. November--The Ninth Month
Chapter XII. December--The Tenth Month
Chapter XIII. Stories of the Days
Chapter XIV. Sunday--The Day of the Sun
Chapter XV. Monday--The Day of the Moon
Chapter XVI. Tuesday--The Day of Tiu
Chapter XVII. Wednesday--The Day of Woden
Chapter XVIII. Thursday--The Day of Thor
Chapter XIX. Friday--The Day of Freya
Chapter XX. Saturday--The Day of Saturn
Chapter XXI. The Meaning of the Ancient Myths
Chapter XXII. Notes on Certain Days