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What Now!


Having come to the conclusion of what scripture states that a year very well does consists of 12 months, how then do we adjust our thinking to this monumental revelation. How then do we understand scripture from this point forward.

There has been many a teaching on the calendar including barley, new moons and days beginning in the evening. I have been aware of these issues and at one stage actually believed and did them. Now i have a re-look at many things that i once believed to be truth, yet you find that somewhere along the path man has had an influence into what you believe. I would like to raise a few points that will further expose either the falseness or truth about an issue. So lets get on with it.

I once has a discussion with a fellow believer who solidly believed that a month begins with the sighting of the moon. She also believes that it is impossible to have 12 months in a year. However after showing her what scripture had to say she recanted and agreed with what she saw and read. She, however further stated that that was then and that it is impossible to have a 12 month system today.

At that time i did not take any notice of what she said and it is only in this month of February 2010 that i pondered on what she said. 

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