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The scriptures have gone through quite a transforming process in that somethings were changed and later became doctrine. Men today will vehemently die and or kill for The LORD. Others have undying faith in this term, LORD. You cannot say anything about The LORD. It is paramount to Blasphemy.

I would like to add at this time something that came to my understanding and which is this. I heard and saw that Muslims also use the terms, Lord, God and Almighty . I am of the opinion that all religions use these terms yet they use these terms in conjunction with the names with which they call or name their Gods. Therefore one must be carefull when listning to someone talk and not agree with what they say first without establishing who they are talking about. It would be futile to agree with someone only because he uses the terms Lord, God or Almighty , yet later you find out that they are Hindu , Muslim , Christian , Jewish , or some other religious belief.

Father IEUE says that he does not share his glory with another,:- Isa 42:8 I  am   the LORD: that   is  my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.


I for one, DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE LORD OR  GOD for that matter. These are strong words that are being said. I do not. I used to believe in these terms until I found out that that is not his name.


So how did this mess come about.

When scholars translated or transliterated the HEBREW SCROLLS into other languages, the name of the AlMighty was hidden, so to say. Instead of saying the name, a different term was used. That has been passed down up until today.

In Jewish vocabulary The name of the AlMighty  is spoken as HaShem  or Adonai. When the nations got the scriptures, this tradition was continued. Today we have the terms LORD, God  and Master. Here is a brief explanation of what happens in the HEBREW reading of scripture.

Bear in mind that this is what the House of Yehudah or the Jews were and are doing.

(1)  יהוה   [ieue – Paleo], ('Yahweh'), the proper name of God) is pointed either with the vowels of אדני   [adni - Paleo], ('Lord'), or pointed with the vowels of אלהים   [aleim- Paleo], ('Elohim'), and is to be pronounced as the word whose vowels it borrows. The word Adni actually means master.


This has resulted in his name being brought down to NOTHING.


The scriptural quotes mentioned have all used the word or words LORD, LORD God and or God. We will now look at the HEBREW script from whence ALL script is derived.

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