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Man would like you to think that His Name is LORD, so would the Devil as well. When we call upon his name we not only call upon his name but we actually call HIM . We call upon his charachter. We call the actual person whose name we are calling. If I call your name out aloud in a place where I know you are at, the logical thing that happens is that you respond to that name and answer the caller. If however you are not available at that place at that time, then no answer is forthcoming or someone else might answer and say that, that person for whom you are calling is not there.

However if I am told your name and some how I forget or cant remember what was it that your name was and I call you using a different name, would you respond?  The answer is that in all probability you would not respond at all. How much more so if the person calling out needs help and uses the incorrect or wrong name, knowing however what the correct name is. Would you help that person. You may or may not. It depends on your compassion and love for your neighbor. It also tells the person whom you are calling upon that you are deliberately doing what you are doing or you are joking. The person would correct you as to what his name is. If you continue using a foreign name then the person would most probably not help you as you are stubborn or rebellious. 

In such cases you would become accustomed to the foreign name which would leave you without any help or assistance from the person you are calling as that is not his name. However if you know the word for help and scream out that word you will most probably be helped if someone is available to help. Therefore when we call the name of a person we call on the person behind the name. When Adam was told to name the creation he did so with enthusiasm and what ever issued forth from his mouth became the name of that creation. Father IEUE did not name any of the items here on earth. That was left to Adam.

However I believe that Adam knew the name of the AlMighty  and called upon it with all fear and trembling. He, Adam, I believe knew the power in that name and as such held that name above every other name and never used it to name anything. That is how awesome that name is. The reverse is true as well. He did not change the name, for the lord or called father IEUE on another name. Demons fear and tremble when the name of the Almighty is mentioned.

Jas 2:19 Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.


So, what is this name that is so elusive that no-one wants you to know. What is this name that is so powerful that the salvation of man is established by it? What is this name, that if, whoever calls upon it will be saved or redeemed? What is this name?

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