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The Calendar 
This has been a discussion of many a group and congregation. 
When one comes into this faith, you are led to understand the scriptures in a different light and as such you are also taught how to observe the feasts by the use of a calendar. This calendar is of course based on the sighting of the moon and is mainly focused on the word "chodesh" which, is interpreted as to mean "New Moon". This is all fine until you further your study in the scriptures and you begin to question teachings. 
At first, these observations are at the back of your thought processes, yet with time you see that certain observances do not make sense and do not line up with scripture. And as time goes on, more and more of these questions come up until you can no longer keep quiet. 
What is of great concern to me is, that as you are schooled in the torah, it is as if you are been pulled by the nose. This pulling is not by the Spirit of YHWH but by man. This is where the danger lies. The teachings of man, coupled with scripture, make a deadly mixture. Yet when one openly questions these teachings you are ridiculed or reprimanded and coupled with that, you could be considered a troublemaker. On the other hand if you blindly agree and follow what is being taught to you, then you are held in great esteem. 
There are many souls out there that with the sincerity that they have, follow what they are taught without questioning anything. These people, although sincere, are walking on a tight rope. Nadav and Avihu were very sincere and see where that got them. 
If you are one of those that question beliefs then this study is for you. If you are one of those that do not question beliefs then this study is also for you. The study that follows is my observations that I have noted in the scripture. 
DO NOT, DO NOT take my word for it neither follow me, as I am a man. FOLLOW what scripture has to say and you will be safe. Whether you agree or disagree that is entirely up to you. All i am doing is putting the evidence before you so that you decide. 
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  • New Moon
    New Moon. Therefore if my understanding is correct, the word Chodesh rightfully means NEW. It does not mean NEW MOON.
  • This Month
    This Month. I have heard it said, the months or calendar that the children of Yisrael were keeping, was from the time of Noah and that at this point in time, the months were changed.
  • Sun, Moon and Stars
    When does the year begin? How does one determine the beginning of the year. Does the year start in the 7th month as is commonly taught or does it start in the 1st month? Lets see what scripture has to say about this issue.
  • Years and Months
    Years and Months. When a 13th month is added, to the calendar, then one counts by speculation. No month has a definite number of days. Also no year has a set number of days.
  • Days
    Days. Does a month have 29 days and a bit? Does a month have 30 days or is there 31 days in the month.
  • Days of the year
    How do we determine the days of the year and where does one start?
  • What Now?
    If the calendar of 12 months is correct then it kicks out the belief of a new moon sighting as well as a day begins in the evening theory.
  • The Birth of the Messiah
    The Birth of the Messiah. The Messiah was born on the 1st of the 7th month which would be on the 2nd day of the week.
  • Wayiqra 23
    Wayiqra 23. You know how when you observe a Festival of scripture that you will read concerning that festival to make sure that you are doing what is required.
  • Truth of a parable. You Decide
    Many a heated and sometimes, very heated discussions have taken place regarding this issue of when a day begins. There are pro's and con's in regard to both sides of the issue and both sides seem to have legitimate facts. Yet when we hold up this issue to scripture then only one issue should and must stand.
  • Stories of the Months and Days
    Stories of the Months and Days
  • Calendars
    Calendars. Having thus determined that a year has 12 months which consist of 30 days, I would like to bring in calendars that I have drawn up.
Take care and be blessed. 


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