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The Birth of The Messiah

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By G C McDonald



In the book of Luke we read the following:-  There was in the days of Herodes, the sovereign of Yehuḏ ah, a certain priest named Zeḵ aryah, of the division of Aḇ iyah. And his wife was of the daughters of Aharon, and her name was Elisheḇ a .

The scriptures name a Priest, not a lewite or a gate keeper, but a priest, Zacharyah. He was of the order or division of Aviyah.

These divisions were 24 in total and were numbered accordingly. There were 12 that were numbered odd and 12 that were numbered even thus giving a total of 24.

The question is how are we to know how long a division served in the temple. It would seem that they served for a period of 24 what???

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