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When to Plant

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As the topic implies we should know when to plant.


Planting can be done at anytime of the year. Anything can be grown. Yet with planting there are times when certain plants will grow, yet they will be stunted. Mostley summer crops planted in winter will be stunted.

So if we should plant, when should we plant.

Full Moon

I have heard it said that the best time to plant anything is during a Full Moon give and take a few days. This was something that I had not known and only learnt about it from a farmer in a casuall conversation.

I believe what he has to say, based on the following facts.

Spring Tide

The sun also pulls at the Earth, but not as strong as the moon. There are two times when you are able to see the pull from the sun. When the sun, Earth and moon are in a straight line, this causes a spring tide. The spring tides create high tides that are really high and low tides that are really low.


Neap Tide

When the sun and the moon are at a right angle to each other, this is called a neap tide.The neap tides create high tides that are very low and low tides that are very high.


Those who live near the coast will be able to veryfy this. During the month you will get your high tides as well as your low tides. Tides are the rising and falling of the sea. During high tide, the water is deeper and comes further onto the beach. Another name for high tide is flood tide. During low tide, the water is more shallow and does not come as far onto the beach. Another name for low tide is ebb tide.
Yet on certain days you will get either of the following,:- very high tides and very low tides, called Srinng Tides and Neap Tides tides. (Sounds very similar to Blood Pressure.) 

This tidal action is influenced by the moon. Now this is where the wisdom comes into play.

Lunar Phase Diagram

The same way that the moon has an effect on the oceans, the same way that it has an effect on ground water and or water in the soil.

When one therefore plants on a full moon day the gravitational pull of the moon ensures that the seeds are kept moist. It also aids the moisture in the plant as that is also pulled up.

New Moon

The opposite is true. At a new moon phase there is no pull as the moon is not visible and as such can be termed - below the horizon. Therefore its pull is below the horizon which is downwards and into the soil, rather towards the seed or plant.

I hope that this has been informative as it has been for me.

Point of interest.

The New Moon would signify death as the water of life is pulled away from the seed or plant. As a result the plant will take longer to grow.

The Full Moon signifies life as that is when the plant is nourished by the water and minirals in the soil resulting in the plant growing.

I would like Feedback in this regard as to what you think.





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