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New Moon


By G C McDonald



The Calendar



When I first came into the faith of Yisrael, there where a lot of things that I did not know. For want of a better word I was Ignorant. As I began to study Torah and found out that the Torah is foundational, scripture began to take on a new meaning. My belief in IEUSHO grew. I also began to understand issues that were hidden from me and humanity. Yet with all this knowledge, of IEUE, of who he is and his concerns for us, I also began to question a lot of things that I was taught. 



When you are taught Torah for the first time you act like a sponge, absorbing all the time. Yet like a sponge you can only absorb so much and then you have to release what you have absorbed. Likewise I was absorbing, and that at a huge rate. Yet I had realised that I had to be careful of what I absorbed, as not all of what I was taught and heard was correct. It had to be weighed with scripture and specifically Torah. 


We have to be careful of what we hear.  

As I was saying that being new in the faith, I believed everything that was taught to me to be true and correct. Something happened that forced me to open the scriptures and to study. We are generally spoon fed when we come into the faith and as a result some believers go and join the House of Yehudah and place themselves under the authority of the Pharisees.  

Why do I say this? It is because that it almost happened to me. Everything that was being conducted was Jewish. I therefore reasoned that since everything that we do is Jewish then why not learn from them directly. Why not convert and become a fully fledged Jew?  


Things happen for a reason 

As I said something happened that forced me to pick up the scriptures and to study. That is where I came to knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Prior to this I was a ship without a rudder, believing every doctrine being taught. There are teachers who teach that Judaism is not all that it seems to be. Yet these very same teachers follow what Judaism dictates. It is a form of Hypocrisy. They see themselves as Jews yet they do not follow what the Rabbis say. On the other hand, according to them, it is alright to do the traditions of the Jews. I believe that we should not be lukewarm by being unsure of our actions. We should outright do as Yehudah dictates or we should do what scripture says.  


There is a vast difference between the two. That is for another time. 


As one studies you realise that not everything you were taught is consistent with scripture. Some things are so well established in Judaism that it is hard for you to say otherwise.  

One such issue is The Calendar

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