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This is a Hebrew chart showing the Semitic Languages from Ancient Hebrew through to Paleo and finally with Babylonian. I have concentrated on the Paleo Hebrew for my studies as I find that this is the closest match that we get when viewing ancient scrolls or artefacts. 




Paleo          Name           Meaning               Letter     Ancient      Babylonian 

a       Aleph         Ox/Bull              A      a       a

b        Beth          Tent             B      b        b

c        Gimel       Camel/Foot         G      c        c

d        Daled        Door                    D      d      d

e        Eh      Man - raised Arm     E      e       e

f        Waw        Tent peg                U       f        f

z    Zayin        Mattock                Z   z  z

h        Heth         Fence                CH/H    h       h

u        Tet    Basket            T      u       u

i         Yod  Arm closed hand  I      i        i

k        Kaph    Open palm               K      k       k

l        lamed   Shepherds staff      L      l       l

m       Mem          Water                 M      m      m

n        Nun          Seed             N       n       n

x       Samek   Thorn       S     x  x

o       Ayin            Eye                       O       o     o

p        Pe             Mouth            P       p      p

y      Tzadee    Man on side           TS      y      y

q        Koph       Horizon                 Q      q       q

r         Resh         Head                 R             r       r

s       Shin   Two front teeth       SH/S    s       s

t        Tau        Mark                      T       t        t

Comming soon.

The transliteration of the scriptures from Babylonian Hebrew to Paleo Hebrew with pronunciation of words. This is a long process and is very time consuming. I have gained a huge amount of respect of the scribes and or Lewites that painstakinly wrote letter for letter for thousands of words. I would like the reader to make up their own mind when reading the transliteration and that is why it is not put into proper sentence structure.

Here is an example:

 Brashit / Genesis


Chapter 1 

Gen 1:1 בראשׁית ברא אלהים את השׁמים ואת הארץ׃

brasit bra aleim at esmim  fat eary 

Brashit                  bra                aleim      at      eshmim            u at       earts

In the Beginning   he created Aleim       AT    the Heavens and AT the earth


Gen 1:2 והארץ היתה תהו ובהו וחשׁך על־פני תהום ורוח אלהים מרחפת על־פני המים׃

feary eite tef  fbef fhsk ol-pni tefm frfh aleim mrhpt ol-pni emim  

Uearts               eite             teu        u beu            u chshk            ol-pni       teum    uruch     aleim                 mrchft       ol-pni         emim

And the earth   she became   chaos    and vacant   and darkness   over-faces    deep    and spirit     Aleim              vibrating     over-faces   the waters


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