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By Gereshom


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As believers in YHWH and followers of Yeshua HaMashiac we find that we are told time and again to present the first-fruits of our crops and flock to him. Yet what I have come to know is that many of the believers today are city dwellers, some of them who have no clue of how to grow seed yet alone rear livestock.

With the advent of the cashless society everything has become instant. Cash is instantly available at the ATM. Cashless transactions have become the norm and without your plastic, a person feels at a loss.

The food that we consume is also readily available. It would seem that no one cares how the food is grown or reared only that if I have cash then I will get what I want.

Milk, bread, eggs, fish, corn, honey, beef, chicken, maize, etc., etc., the list goes on and on, is not of concern to the man in the street. All he wants is that if he goes to the supermarket, he must then get his pound of flesh. How the supermarket gets it, is their problem. He couldn't care less.

So, what is the end result of this. Disaster and that on a global scale. The earth is commanded to bring forth food. The seas are commanded to sustain fish. Birds will always fly in the air. Man is commanded to eat by the sweat of his brow. This has not changed or been done away with. It, however has been established. Therefore man has to work for his living. Yet sadly not many people know how to grow and or plant food.

It is this dilemma that I hope to address in this section of this website and to show you how important it is for a person or a people to be sustainable from the land.

Many different aspects of agriculture will be dealt with and many topics looked at.

Feedback would also be welcomed as well as advice.

I hope that this section will give you the desire to accomplish self sustainability for yourself and that of your greater family.

WARNING - There are dire times ahead and if we do not get our house in order then we might be lacking. The cost of goods has spiraled enormously over the past few weeks and this is global. This trend is unlikely to subside as this is driven by GREED and selfishness. -WARNING

I do not wish to be a bearer of bad tidings yet that is the reality of the situation. Therefore I hope to be of encouragement to the masses out there.

Take care and be blessed.








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