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By G C McDonald 2008-03-12


This is a topic that has led to many a discussion and I might say, that that was all. Nothing further and or concrete became or has become of these discussions. Believers in the faith know of this term yet the Office of the Elders is or are none existent. This is a sad state of affairs as, Elders, are sorely needed in the body.

One has to ask why this is so? Why have there been no Elders operating in the body? This is not an isolated case. Could this be said of the other gifts?

James has this to say.

26For as the body without the spirit is dead, so also the belief is dead without the works.

Could this be hinting at something much greater than what is said here? This begs to ask what type of spirit is in operation in the body. Is it that of Father YHWH or is it that of adhering to the instructions of man and his laws or mammon. This also asks us to examine ourselves to see if we are still walking according to the spirit of Almighty YHWH and his instructions and not according to his instructions that are whitewashed with mans laws. Works go hand in glove with belief. The one cannot stand without the other.  


So I ask, were is our works? We say we believe and yet we do not do. Is not the office of the Elders part and parcel of our belief and as a result it is an act of works. Yet this office is practically non-existent in the body.  

I am writing in view of local assemblies. Therefore we should ask if this office is still needed for our times and if not then we should shelve it.


So let us see what scripture has to say about it.

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