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Report that Ariel Sharon may emerge soon from his coma is denied by Sharon's personal physician

Posted By: Guarded_Optimist
Date: Thursday, 22-Oct-2009 21:24:13

First is the report by Dov Weisglass that Ariel Sharon may be emerging from his coma.

Yeshiva World article on Ariel Sharon

Weisglass: Sharon May Come Out of His Coma 
October 22, 2009

Close to four years after suffering a massive hemorrhagic stroke, Dov Weisglass, who served as bureau chief to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, told Israel Radio’s Reshet Bet on Thursday that the former prime minister’s medical team indicates he may emerge from his coma, soon.



Which was followed by a denial by Sharon's doctor. So what is really going on here? Some bloggers are bringing up Bible verses regarding antichrist receiving a fatal head wound yet miraculously recovers. Your guess about that is as good as mine.

Jerusalem Post article on Ariel Sharon

Oct 22, 2009 18:27 
No change in Sharon's vegetative state, says his doctor 

Despite claims on the radio by Ariel Sharon's longtime friend and lawyer Dov Weisglas that the former prime minister - hospitalized for nearly four years at Sheba Medical Center - is "in a stage before awakening from his coma," his personal physician said Thursday that there was no truth to it.

Dr. Shlomo Segev told The Jerusalem Post that only Sharon's son, daughter-in-law and the medical staff see him, and not Weisglas.


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