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Shalom and Welcome.

As this is a site that will endeavour to forward or link you to a fellowship at your location, I cannot guarantee your request and as such will inform you via Email of your request.

Your request will be answered as soon as possible.

Hoping that you have a blessed stay at this site and that you will be warmly welcomed at your fellowship request place.

Therefore please click Fellowship if not listed here. 


Known Fellowships

Beyt Ephraim - House of Ephraim

Contact: Gary McDonald

Plot 467 Plantation Road

Walkers Fruit Farms



Every Shabbat @11:00 All Welcome



South Africa 

+2781 566 9748 Main mobile

+2773 234 1788 


Beyt Mashiach (House of Messiah)


+2783 291 9708 - Charles Woodhatch

+2784 401 6780 - Peter Brown



Jasac – Place of Fellowship

Goedgegind -

Heilbron -

Freestate South Africa
Cell phone: 079 887 6459
Contact Juan
Every shabbat/7th day




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